Walk in the woods

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An Afternoon with Charles Dickens

Dickens Downtown, Northport, Alabama, December 2, 2014.  This annual event features Theater Tuscaloosa performing scenes from a Christmas Carol, 5th Alabama Regimental Band, an English Town Crier, Father Christmas and the Northport Downtown merchants. december 626

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Shadows of Bats

Did anyone catch the “Shadow” references in last nights episode of Gotham?

First there was the cop who was killed. His name was Cranston. Then the name Lamon or was it Lamond got mentioned a couple of times. Lamont Cranston was one of the Shadow’s aliases.

Second, the Balloon man was dressed up as the Shadow when he killed Cranston.

There are probably others as well.

The balloons (in my opinion) were a Tim Burton/Jack Nicholson reference to the Joker. Think “200 Balloons” the song by Prince. The mask the balloon man was wearing was more likely a reference to Heath Ledger’s Joker.

A funny thing happened on the way to Bath and Body Works

I love Monday morning shopping.  Especially when I didn’t plan on shopping.  I was only going to make a trip to Bath and Body Works for some foaming hand soap.  My Instagram is all abuzz about the pumpkin pecan waffle scent.  Why there is pumpkin in the title I don’t know, because I don’t smell pumpkin in it.   That was the plan.

On the way I had to walk by the Rue 21 store.  Normally I don’t shop here.  Why?  No particular reason.  But the sign that said All Boots on Sale caught my eye.  I needed new boots.  The ones I had were from about four or five years ago and the toes looked horrible.  I have a hard time finding shoes.  I am one of those people with really narrow feet.  When I was a kid, finding Sunday dress shoes in the winter was torture.  So when I find shoes that fit me, I pretty much live in them.

But Rue 21 had their boots on sale.  By one get one pair for $10.00.  So I ended up getting 2 pairs for about $40.00.  Which I thought was great.

Rue 21 Boots

I did get my Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Foaming hand soap from Bath and Body Works.  The 3 wick candles are still on sale, but I passed.   I have enough candles as it is.


New Baby Goat

Here are some photos of our new baby goat.  There were triplets, but this was the only one that survived so far.  Bella (my dog) thinks that it’s her baby too, and is trying to get close to it.  She’s already helped raise a litter of kittens. LOL!

baby goat 1baby goat 2baby goat 3goat 4