Bee Happy

I recently attended a local community meeting where the subject of the day was bees.  Bees are fascinating.  Did you know that the are a female driven society.  There are male bees, but the females do all the work.  Just before winter apparently the female bees get tired of the “lazy” male bees and kick them out.  Of course that’s not what really happens but the male bees are kicked out.

Bees are known for making honey, and beeswax, but they make other things as well.  For one there is bee glue.  Bee’s hate any kind of opening and start sealing it up as fast as they can.  This means the beekeeper spends lots of time scraping, but the bee glue or propolis does have its uses. It can be eaten but if you do please consult a doctor first.

Other products that can be made from “bee products” include but are not limited to, lip balm, lotion,  candles and wood butter.

Below are some photos.

Coconut Honey Lipbalm
lip balm

DSCN2425 DSCN2427 DSCN2429


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