A Fall (almost) Friday Blog

It’s finally Friday!! ! The weekend is here!  I really don’t know why I’m excited I’m not going to do any thing spectacular this weekend.  But I am excited none the less.

I’ve been looking through some of my old pictures and I found these of Tannehill.  If you don’t know what Tannehill is, it is a state park located in Alabama.  It’s mainly old buildings and campgrounds.   Those who are theme park adrenaline junkies would probably find this place to be snoozeville. but if you want to get a way for a few quiet, peaceful relaxing days, this place is great.  However I must warn you, on weekends  whenmiscftanhmis 051smiscftanhmis 061omething is going on the park is really crowded.

tannh 057
This reminds me of Ike Godsey’s Store on the Waltons.

tannh 053 tannh 165 tannh 172


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