A funny thing happened on the way to Bath and Body Works

I love Monday morning shopping.  Especially when I didn’t plan on shopping.  I was only going to make a trip to Bath and Body Works for some foaming hand soap.  My Instagram is all abuzz about the pumpkin pecan waffle scent.  Why there is pumpkin in the title I don’t know, because I don’t smell pumpkin in it.   That was the plan.

On the way I had to walk by the Rue 21 store.  Normally I don’t shop here.  Why?  No particular reason.  But the sign that said All Boots on Sale caught my eye.  I needed new boots.  The ones I had were from about four or five years ago and the toes looked horrible.  I have a hard time finding shoes.  I am one of those people with really narrow feet.  When I was a kid, finding Sunday dress shoes in the winter was torture.  So when I find shoes that fit me, I pretty much live in them.

But Rue 21 had their boots on sale.  By one get one pair for $10.00.  So I ended up getting 2 pairs for about $40.00.  Which I thought was great.

Rue 21 Boots

I did get my Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Foaming hand soap from Bath and Body Works.  The 3 wick candles are still on sale, but I passed.   I have enough candles as it is.



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