Candle Recycling

I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles.  This past week the three wicks were on sale 2 for $22.00 which was bargain since they are normally $22.50 each.  I also had a 20% off coupon to boot.  So I bought some new  fall candles.  

I had planned on getting a Marshmallow Fireside, but then I got the looking at the new Trick or Treat candle, and discovered there pretty much the same, marshmallow, wood fire and vanilla scents.  So I ended up with the Trick or Treat Candle.

The problem with buying new candles is that I never seem to have used up the old ones.  So this weekend I decided to melt several of the down and make wax hearts out of them.Melted Candle blueberrywax




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